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Contaxtual Practice

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This is my Contextual Practice Page

19th July 2017

Pecha Kucha

I did my Pecha Kucha this morning. As I was the last one from my group, I had listened to a lot of great presentation before my own present. Their presentation were all really passionate and interesting which have a good balance between their won works, artist's works and their future direction. And I became really nervous, so when I started off my presentation speaking really quickly and a bit unclear. But when I got used to it, I started speaking more fluently and looking at audience instead of the screen. I think that it is a great experience for me as I am not good at speaking in front of people and expressing my ideas and thought.

We result our feedback of our Pecha Kucha and I think that there are a lot of things that can be improve in the future. When I was doing the powerpoint, I put all the credits as a note below the pages but I did miss out some of them and leave them below the pages without notice. More research onBauhaus and med-century modern are needed which ensure I would that mix them up again. Beside that I should put the whole Pecha Kucha into a concept instead of talking about different elements, so the whole presentation can be more coherent. 


12th July 2017

Practicing Pecha Kucha with peer



I think that it was a really good practice for me but I didn't talk for 20 seconds per slides because I was not well prepared and I haven't put in all 20 images into the powerpoint. My partner mentioned that I need to put in all the images and practice talking about it more. At the same times, she thought the order of my powerpoint slides is quite organized, however she suggested me to express my own opinions and understanding on product  design more in depth and I agree what she told me. She assessed my presentation between good and excellent. But if I accessed myself, I would only give myself a good because I haven't finished my powerpoint. In order to improve before the real presentation, I would need to included all 20 images and explain them more in depth using my own point of view. Beside that, I could mentions about my own future direction and practice giving the presentation with timing.


5th July 2017

Drawing practice with time limited



5th July 2017


Sketches of the SK4 (1956)        Dieter Rams

We practiced Pecha Kuncha by talking a drawing for 20 seconds in the contextual session today.  I have chosen this sketch from Dieter Rams because I like the simple lining of the sketch and it shows how would the radio work using her drawings clearly without using any drawing analysis. Through this practice session I found I quite difficult to control the time and talk all the information you want to say in 20 seconds. At the same time, I felt quite nervous specking in front of the whole class. Before I am going to do my Pecha Kuncha, I need to list out the important things that I need to mentions and practice it with timing 20 seconds per slide.


21st June 2017

FullSizeRender 2.jpg.1IMG_3806 2.JPG


10th July 2017

Collaborative partnerships- Getting to know about my partner and her subject area





28th June 2017

Learning support - Research and Reflection

I found this learning session really useful for writing my research and reflection in my future project. I understand more on reasons of doing research. Apart from mentioning the style of the artists and their works, I need to give out reason about how their works influenced myself and reasons I like their work. I think the reflection I am now writing is a bit to descriptive, in order to really reflect on works and improve my works using reflection, I need to give out my own opinions and feelings about what I have been doing and how could I improve.   







13th June 2017

1. Daily Reflection for 12th June 2017

  • Description: We started a new project called Self-portrait

  • Reflection: We have been trying to take different photos in school area. I found it that quite difficult because I'm not not good at taking photos. At 3p.m. we got feedback from the tutors, I found that useful so I can improve my work.

  • Action Plan: Done some sketches in my sketchbook and further develop my ideas, so the photos could be improve in the further.

  • Interview question: What have you done for the self portrait project? What was successful and why? Why not?

2. A Reflective Review

  • Description: Being brave, experimenting different things and materials.

  • Reflection: Don't be confined and restricted even though I think the outcome would not work out well.

  • Action Plan: Drawing more sketches and ideas even I know it might not work. Testing and modeling using different  methods. 



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