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Contaxtual Practice

Tags: Foundation Plus

This is my Contextual Practice Page

13th June 2017

1. Daily Reflection for 12th June 2017

  • Description: We started a new project called Self-portrait

  • Reflection: We have been trying to take different photos in school area. I found it that quite difficult because I'm not not good at taking photos. At 3p.m. we got feedback from the tutors, I found that useful so I can improve my work.

  • Action Plan: Done some sketches in my sketchbook and further develop my ideas, so the photos could be improve in the further.

  • Interview question: What have you done for the self portrait project? What was successful and why? Why not?

2. A Reflective Review

  • Description: Being brave, experimenting different things and materials.

  • Reflection: Don't be confined and restricted even though I think the outcome would not work out well.

  • Action Plan: Drawing more sketches and ideas even I know it might not work. Testing and modeling using different ¬†methods.¬†


Image (13th June 2017)





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