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This is my reflection page

21 June 2017

I had my stitching induction today. During the induction, I learned how to used the sewing machine and stitching machine. Comparing to the stitching machine, I found the sewing machine easier to use.



This is the trial I did on a piece of fabric . I sewed upon the lines I drew beforehand. And I found sewing the wavy line most difficult where I needed to keep turning the fabric and control a steady speed at the same time.

 As I didn't have much time to use the stitching machine, all I did is set up the machine and I found it quite difficult. 


15th June 2017

Closed-eyes sketching 



Left Hand sketching



Negative spacing sketches




13th June 2017

Today we had the chance of learning how to use Moodle and setting our own workflow page. Apart from that , I did some more photo-shoots for the self-portrait project based on the feedback in the morning. 



When I was looking at the photos that I have token in front of the mirror from yesterday, I came up the idea of playing with mirror. 


I took a photo of me staring at myself in the mirror like looking at a stranger which indicates the feelings of confused and lost. 


Then, another photo is taken at the same location however without myself in it which allow me to manipulate and photoshop the photo later. 


Before going to lunch, I had a tutorial with Georgia and got lots of opinions from her, she suggested that in UK if one cannot see herself/himself in a mirror would indicates she/he is a vampire. As I am looking forward to started working in the workshop, she suggests me to take photos about the workshop and tools.  




When I was changing the camera lens, I found that everything would become upright and blurry  looking through the lens.


I took some photo seeing myself through the camera lens near king cs station. I think the title of this photo would be ‘Typical Tourists Photo’. When we go on a trip, we always take lots of photos of ourselves in front of different ‘landmarks’ but we often forget the focuses are the places, the views, the architects. It doesn't work well as I found it difficult to capture myself within the lens and focus on the background at the same time.



22 June 2017

Finally, it is the 3D workshop induction for group 1. We have learned how to use different machines in the workshop and have a try to use some of them. I prefer the 3D workshop more than the stitching workshop as the I have been using those machine before which seems more familiar to me. 

I have used the band saw to cut different curves on a piece of MDF. I tried to cut it leaving a small edge to the drawn lines, this ensure I would not cut into the MDF too much which I could then sand it down carefully.


It was my first time to a bobbin machine, it seems quite similar to the sanding disc. However, when I was using it I found it quite difficult to control and over sanded the MDF. Checking the progress of sanding is needed frequently to provide mistake.


Beside that, we also had a go of using the strip heater to bend a piece acrylic.

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

In the afternoon, I started making the quick model for project The Place in the 3D workshop using the machine. This design is based on the usual children educational toy which help them to learn and recognized, at the same time the different shape could be used as stopper to stop the water from the fountain. IMG_3689.JPG

Photo of process of making the model

IMG_3753 2.JPG

This final image of the model

The MDF there would represent the thermoplastic and no drill and joint is needed for the actual thing because it can mould into one single component.  In order to improve my model, more research about materials and manufacturing method could be done.


14th June 2017

Final image of self-portrait 


Removing the undesired tape and things in the background using Photoshop.


Placing the printed photo in different corners in CSM




12th June 2017

This is the first day of Foundation Plus and we have started our first project - Self Portrait. I have been taking photos around the school in the afternoon. I found it quite difficult because photography is always not my thing. I have taken some photos expressing the emotion of nervous and loneliness and some others about absence. After gathering the commons and suggestions from tutors and other classmates, I would improve my works by planning more in sketchbook and retake some photos again. 



Within this photo, I need to remove the unnecessary elements within the photos that don't relate to my theme and emotion, for example the door and the pipes above me.



In this photo the orange chair and the yellow strip on my coat standout from the background and the chair but I do think I need to considerate how's this chair is related to my coat and what do I want to express.



The motion of putting the hood up suggests that I am escaping from reality and refusing to accept the truth. Based on the suggestions from the class, I would need to retake the photo without the tapes on the concrete wall which would disturb the focus of the photo.




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