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This is my reflection page

18th July 2017


Photos of final model + Crits







Preparing for the assessment 


I have been listing out where can evidences of meeting the criteria and what can I improve before Thursday.    



13th July 2017


Based on the sketches drew by me and BimBim on Tuesday and Wednesday, we are thinking to design a light that can cover with the prints, so the paints could be projected on the wall when we switch on the LED light. And then we would also create different buckles in the 3D workshop and glue it onto the light as decoration. However, we were a bit stuck because I think that there isn't  a concept behind our design and decorative buckles would not emphasize the idea of making functional objects to become purposeless. So, we went to Georgia and talked about it.



She suggests us to stick with the idea of making functional forms non-functional and she thought we could make something that is not functioning. I think that would be a really good experiments for me but quite difficult because I would always think about how would the product work and carry out it's purpose while I am designing somethings. So, we started off drawing many sketches about different methods taking functional forms and stop them from working.  I drew varieties of objects around us in our daily life and started experimenting wrapping the patterns around different objects. Hope that me and BimBim would come up with some good ideas tomorrow about what are we going to do and start experimenting using different materials.


7 July 2017

Orthographic drawing

We used foam board create a structure inspired by suprematism.  


FullSizeRender 12.jpg.1

Then, we started learning how to draw the orthographic based on the structure including front view, side view, plane view and section. Although I  have learned how to draw an 3rd angle orthographic before, I usually draw it digitally which is quicker and I found I quite interesting and challenging to draw it by hand. As the shapes I cut out form the foam board were not measured, it was quite difficult to measure the dimension when I have slotted and pined all the components together especially some of them are the fixed in place with angles.  I have used different thickness of fine liners to indicate the order of the components form the plane view and it is quite effective. Using my free time, I need to finish off the section orthographic that I haven't finished in the workshop.

Comparing drawing isometric diagram to orthographic, they are really different. Orthographic can express the object in several angles but isometric represents the objects in a  3D form. In my opinions, they are both really important in product design, no matter when you are communicating and explaining your designs to clients, manufactures or even when you are developing your works. 

I have learned a lot form this orthographic section, in my further FP projects, I would start drawing orthographic drawing of my final designs and models. 


4 July 2017

Progress check

I has been organizing my sketch book and finishing off my model for the Surface and Structure project before I had the progress check in the afternoon. Tom gave be lots of opinions and suggestions after looking at my work flow and sketch book.

Pt_2_Prog_tut_Hui_Natalie_(Kit Ying)_15-16 FAD+_??_1.jpg

In order to improve my work flow, I need to start adding different artists and their works into my work flow research section. Apart from that, I need to considerate about the layout and visualization in the sketchbook instead of making the pages too busy. I would use double pages spread to for my final idea and print bigger photos of the models. At the same time, I should experiment and analysis different drawing styles I have used and found out which work out better. 


29 June 2017

Surface and structure



These are photos of the tough models based on the ket word 'Moon surface' using paper and modeling clay. I like the effect of light going through the PVA glued paper and the shadow of that structure because I found it interesting to see the intensity of light through different thickness of paper.  For the other two clay models, I would need to think about what materials can replace the clay here as it is non-transparent and heavy.


26 June 2017

The Crit -This Place



Based on the opinions and suggestion from my peers, I need to do more research and stick some of them into the sketch book. Apart from that, I should add more colour to my sketches and mention about the manufacture methods of the product as well. As some of them indicate my annotations around the sketches are quite messy and hard to understand, I should add in the research and draw detailed finial design with clear annotation around the sketches again before Monday.






22 June 2017

I had my stitching induction today. During the induction, I learned how to used the sewing machine and stitching machine. Comparing to the stitching machine, I found the sewing machine easier to use.



This is the trial I did on a piece of fabric . I sewed upon the lines I drew beforehand. And I found sewing the wavy line most difficult where I needed to keep turning the fabric and control a steady speed at the same time.

 As I didn't have much time to use the stitching machine, all I did is set up the machine and I found it quite difficult. 


21 June 2017


After the tutorial with Georgia, in order to further develop my initial ideas, a lot more research is needed. I need to investigate the age range of the children and how they are playing with the fountain, this ensure my design would be suitable for my target clients. Apart from that, I need to look into different materials which are safety to use in a children toy, for example rubber, acrylic, foam and even photochromic or thermochromic material. Beside that, I need to keep my design relating to the water from the fountain instead building some sort of playground around the fountain that children can play.    


15th June 2017

Closed-eyes sketching 



Left Hand sketching



Negative spacing sketches





This is the first time I experience closed-eyes sketching and negative space sketching. I found it quite closed-eyes sketching really interesting, when I saw my own sketch, it was totally different to what I thought it be. These quick sketches help us experiencing different drawing methods that are out of the box which would affect our thinking in the further project. Being more playful and experimental.


13th June 2017

Today we had the chance of learning how to use Moodle and setting our own workflow page. Apart from that , I did some more photo-shoots for the self-portrait project based on the feedback in the morning. 



When I was looking at the photos that I have token in front of the mirror from yesterday, I came up the idea of playing with mirror. 


I took a photo of me staring at myself in the mirror like looking at a stranger which indicates the feelings of confused and lost. 


Then, another photo is taken at the same location however without myself in it which allow me to manipulate and photoshop the photo later. 


Before going to lunch, I had a tutorial with Georgia and got lots of opinions from her, she suggested that in UK if one cannot see herself/himself in a mirror would indicates she/he is a vampire. As I am looking forward to started working in the workshop, she suggests me to take photos about the workshop and tools.  




When I was changing the camera lens, I found that everything would become upright and blurry  looking through the lens.


I took some photo seeing myself through the camera lens near king cs station. I think the title of this photo would be ‘Typical Tourists Photo’. When we go on a trip, we always take lots of photos of ourselves in front of different ‘landmarks’ but we often forget the focuses are the places, the views, the architects. It doesn't work well as I found it difficult to capture myself within the lens and focus on the background at the same time.



14th July 2017


Both me and Bimbim came up with some new idea based on the sketches and experiments yesterday. I am thinking of making or distorting a series of daily products into objects that would not function anymore with the concept of 'making functional items not functioning'. And Bimbim had a idea of attaching the heels and buckles as decoration according to the concept of 'making object that looks not working into a  functional object'. We decided to do both of them and we went to buy the materials so we could start experimenting in the afternoon.


After the tutorial, we found that I need to come  up with a solution of bring this two ideas together in a series of objects that links together. I found that we can use the prints and yellow colour as connection between different objects and I think I still need more research on different artists.




 We started doing different experiment using different objects in the 3D workshop. This is my first time using the heat gun, I was amazed by the speed that the plastic can be heated and reshape. When the plastic become soft, it is quite easy and flexible to create different shapes. In my opinions, it is a lot more convenient that heating the plastic up in the heat oven. Apart from tat, I start spraying on yellow paint onto the objects that I have just deformed and distorted in the print room and for me I was quite fun to make these models using different machinery that I have never been used. 


10 July 2017


We have started a new project today called co-create where I got a partner and we would make a collaborate work together. My partner is BimBim and she is going to study fashion textile print in her BA course. Before we started working on this project, we saw a piece of work from the CSM museum and an article as a starting point.


When my partner and I first saw this pair of wellington boots, we wished we could change and choose another object because we think that is quite boring and we don't the bright yellow colour of boots. However, we found quite a lot of different interesting elements from the boots after talking to one of the tutor.






We think that this pair of wellington boots are really different to the ordinary where heels are attached to it. Normally, people wear wellington boots for farm work or in a rainy day instead of a fashion and wearing a pair of wellington boots with heels would lead to inconvenient. Also, the tough and hard heels create large contrast with the soft and flexible properties of the rubber boots itself which would make it really comfortable to wear. Apart from that, we found that the buckles on top of the boots are just decoration of the boots which are not functioning as there is a hidden zip hided instead. So the buckles only work as decorative elements instead of functioning. 

Afterward, we came up with the concept of adding the functional elements that do not carry out the function and work as a decoration on the designs instead. 

In the library session, BimBim recommended me a book about print to me which Print In fashion which gave me a basic concept about we she usually do and how does she create different prints. I found it really interesting and I would want to try to create prints as well.  We then read a article about a collection of works from an artist, he collected different wastes and unwanted items and putting in a specific order. I quite like the idea of recycling different objects into a collection of work that have a story behind.  


7 July 2017

Digital pattern

I have scanned some images of my own sketches using the photocopier and used them to create different patterns in photoshop. I found it quite difficult to use because I usually used Sketch up and InDesign in my previous school. I have chosen a sketch from the project Surface and Structure which influenced by the key word rough.  However the image I had been chosen is in black and white, so I didn't experience creating different patterns using colors. 



30 June 2017


I started making the model for Surface and structure today. Using vacuum forming to form the two semi-sphere and drill holes through the ABS in oder to fix the metal wires in place. However, when I was trimming the unnecessary parts of the sphere away, the ABS cracked and I found it quite brittle. So, I vacuumed from another semi-sphere and trimmed it carefully and tapping it with some masking tape as protection. 


After I have fixed the wires on the surface of the semi-sphere, I found it looks quite boring with one single color, so I decided to add some copper wires before I glue two semi-spheres together.


 An image showing the shadow created by the metal wires through LED light. In order to improve the outcome, I need to find out different methods of gluing the semi-sphere together or increase the accuracy. Beside that, I need to considerate how would I insert the LED light into the sphere and where would be the switch of the LED light.


27 June 2017

Surface and structure 


we had started our new project about Surface and structure yesterday and I had did some quick sketches after making the draft models. Based on the opinions from tutor, I would start adding research and photos of the quick models into sketchbook, in order to further develop my model. Beside that, I would experience making models using different materials beside paper. At the same time, as I decided to design lightings about surface and structure, I could considerate linking it the different textures, shadow and even reflection.


23 June 2017

Finally, it is the 3D workshop induction for group 1. We have learned how to use different machines in the workshop and have a try to use some of them. I prefer the 3D workshop more than the stitching workshop as the I have been using those machine before which seems more familiar to me. 

I have used the band saw to cut different curves on a piece of MDF. I tried to cut it leaving a small edge to the drawn lines, this ensure I would not cut into the MDF too much which I could then sand it down carefully.


It was my first time to a bobbin machine, it seems quite similar to the sanding disc. However, when I was using it I found it quite difficult to control and over sanded the MDF. Checking the progress of sanding is needed frequently to provide mistake.



Beside that, we also had a go of using the strip heater to bend a piece acrylic.


FullSizeRender 2.jpg

In the afternoon, I started making the quick model for project The Place in the 3D workshop using the machine. This design is based on the usual children educational toy which help them to learn and recognized, at the same time the different shape could be used as stopper to stop the water from the fountain. 



Photo of process of making the model


IMG_3753 2.JPG

This final image of the model

The MDF there would represent the thermoplastic and no drill and joint is needed for the actual thing because it can mould into one single component.  In order to improve my model, more research about materials and manufacturing method could be done.


20 June 2017

I have been working on our new project 'The Place' this morning. After drawing around Granary Square last week, I found there are lots of children playing around the fountain every afternoon however there aren't any facilities for them.  Then, I started drawing some initial sketches about children playground facilities.   


Based on the feedback from tutorial, I need to bring in both first and secondary research before further developing my project. At the same time, annotations is need around both research and my own sketches. As I am designing facilities for children including water at the fountain, I need to considerate flat packing, portable or disposable design because it would only be used in a short period of time in summer.  


14th June 2017

Final image of self-portrait 


Removing the undesired tape and things in the background using Photoshop.


Placing the printed photo in different corners in CSM




12th June 2017

This is the first day of Foundation Plus and we have started our first project - Self Portrait. I have been taking photos around the school in the afternoon. I found it quite difficult because photography is always not my thing. I have taken some photos expressing the emotion of nervous and loneliness and some others about absence. After gathering the commons and suggestions from tutors and other classmates, I would improve my works by planning more in sketchbook and retake some photos again. 



Within this photo, I need to remove the unnecessary elements within the photos that don't relate to my theme and emotion, for example the door and the pipes above me.



In this photo the orange chair and the yellow strip on my coat standout from the background and the chair but I do think I need to considerate how's this chair is related to my coat and what do I want to express.



The motion of putting the hood up suggests that I am escaping from reality and refusing to accept the truth. Based on the suggestions from the class, I would need to retake the photo without the tapes on the concrete wall which would disturb the focus of the photo.




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